WiFi patch will allow you to connect your navigation unit to internet by using your smartphone ( internet tethering ) !

Provided software :

- Opera browser, Internet Explorer -  for internet browsing on big screen !

- Email client - POP3, IMAP client, to recieve emails directly on the navigation unit !

- Remote desktop - to connect to your home PC, laptop, etc. You can completely control your computer !

- Internet tools - ping, host lookup, FTP client, FTP server, VNC viewer, etc

- Best use : to get the most of the new iGO Primo 1.2 features :  LIVE traffic and Google location search !!!

System compatibility :  wince 5 and wince 6

Supported boards :  Nowada only, with built in usb gps port (Dynavin ) or USB mod

Supported smartphones :

- symbian operating system ( some versions have issues , 50% chance of working connection )

- windows mobile operating system, all versions

- android operating system, all versions

- iOS operating system, all versions. Please note that you must jailbreak your iphone to be able to use tethering via wifi, and a special software must be purchased from Cydia. Latest iOS 4.3 version will allow native wifi tethering without the need of jailbreak !

Please note that you need  access point ( AP ) software installed on your phone ( most of them free, just google ), if your phone doesn`t have native AP function.

Supported usb wifi adaptors : any adaptor with ralink 3070 chipset.

Tested and working : Edimax 7711UMn, Edimax 7711UTn, Intellinet 150N.

For a bigger list enter here !


* Please note that you need to have wincepatch installed on your unit. WiFi patch is an add-on ! If you are not a customer of wincepatch, please buy the patch for your device, then buy wifi patch.

Price : 19,99 USD