On this page you can find instructions about identifying the right patch for the right board/device, also how to make the USB mod for your unit !

If your gps menu looks like the one from the picture in right side of the patch, and you know operating system and resolution, you can be 100% sure that will work on your unit, no need for next steps !

1. How to identify the right wince patch and wifi / 3g compatibility :

Example  : Operating system / Board type and platform / Screen resolution

Wince 6 / Nowada 2450 / 800x480

- a) first you must identify the operating system of the gps board. This can be wince 5 or wince 6.

If you don`t know your version, follow next instructions :  in the main menu of gps board, there is a setup or settings button; press it and select system information; now you can see operating system version and device ID

- b) Identify the gps board type, platform and screen resolution:

From factory, 95% of chinese units come with Nowada boards, that means that is a big chance that your unit is compatible. For example, all Dynavin units, VW units from Winca, Audiosources, Maisun, have Nowada boards inside.

If unsure, to find your board type and platform, download this package, extract files and put them on GPS SD !

- set navigation path to Resinfo.exe and run it, and look and next screenshots:

- in first screenshot, you can see platform type and screen resolution. This is what you need to identify the right patch ! This can be Nowada 2440, Nowada 2450, Haoke, Flyaudio, etc. Please note that Mesada 2440 is equal to Nowada 2450, so you MUST get Nowada 2450 patch if you have Mesada 2440 board.

- in second screenshot, you can see partitions names. Usually there is a NandFlash and NwdFlash, ResidentFlash, etc., also SD card name (StorageCard, Storage Card, SDMMC, SDMEM, etc). These names can help me build a custom patch for you if none of my patches available on site fit your system !

- in third screenshot, you can see running processes. You need to run Itaskmanager to see this screen ! This can help me build a custom patch for you, if i don`t have a patch for your system on this site.

- to be sure that wifi / 3g patch will work on your unit, you need USB access from wince system. To check if you have usb access, connect a usb flash drive to the USB GPS cable (built in or USB mod) and run total commander (cecmd.exe). If you can read the contents of flash drive in total commander, wifi / 3g will work. Another way to check is to plug in ther usb port a usb device  (wifi, bluetooth dongle, etc), and if system will ask for drivers, then wifi / 3g patch will work.

2. USB mod:

This is necessary for WiFi, 3G for ALL units except Dynavin ( their units have USB port connected to wince ) !!!

- this is easy job, but may void your waranty !

- you need to open the unit, and find the gps board ( is a small board, with the gps antenna cable attached to it )

- you also need a usb extension cable, get a good quality, shielded one ; and some soldering skills :)

- you must solder the usb cable to the pins 9,10,11,12, exactly in the order from picture, please respect color code. Pin number 1 ( from where you count to 9,10,etc ), is the pin with a small arrow above ( see picture ) or with a square soldering shape.

- test the connection before closing the unit ! A simple usb flash drive is enough, if appears in wince as USBHD or other name and you can see files inside, you`ve done a good job !

Here you have full pinout for Nowada boards ( experts only )