The patch will unlock the wince system that runs on the gps boards. Please look at the screenshots above to see some of the menus !

The patch will let you use the system like a PC, with full desktop and menus !

Also will install a new interface ( iphone look ), where you can add or remove your own icons / programs !Default icons are all working and linked to programs, except the gps page, where navigation programs icons are not linked.

What my patch can do :

- unlock wince operating system

- give access to desktop/menus

- install new iphone look interface

- add programs ( office suite, file managers, etc ), games ( even superb flash games ), new drivers and registry settings

- better memory allocation, the system will be more responsive

- allow user to add own registry at boot ( this way the system will keep settings after reboot, this is not possible without the patch )

- allow user to add to new dll in windows folder, to make some applications work or to install new applications, drivers, etc. All extra files added in windows folder will remain after reboot !

- add new and better keyboard, with multilanguage support

- on chinese firmware will install english in almost all menus and windows

- allow user to set his own wallpaper, reboot persistent

- allow user to create new shortcuts on desktop

- install new mp3 player, with excellent skin support

- install new videoplayer, that can play almost all media formats available

- Prepare the system for the internet add-on, WiFi or 3G

A video where you can see the wince desktop and iphone menu in action is here: Wince patch demo video