Custom patch creator can be used by anyone that have another gps board (NOT Nowada/Mesada), or a system that is based entirely on wince. Only wince 6 is supported for now, if you need a wince 5 custom patch, email me or write on my blog.

If you need a custom patch, first try to use the selection tool, and only if you have issues with installation, email me. Requests for wince 6 custom patch received on my blog will be deleted.

You just need to follow the next steps, exactly in that order, and you`ll soon have a custom patch installed on your system.

Note* : The custom patch may work exactly like the nowada patch, with fully working desktop, internet support, etc. For some units desktop will not be available and also internet is not possible due to lack of usb port to gps board. So these functions can`t be guaranteed when using an unsupported system (custom patch).

Custom patch is built using the latest 8.3 version of wincepatch. Read carefully the manual before installation.

1. Download the tools needed to identify your system, from this link

2. Extract and put the tools folder on the GPS SD card, in the root of sd

3. Set your navigation path to your sd card/tools/cecmd.exe

4. Now look at the screenshot to get an idea about what you need to find:

- in 99% of units we find 2 main partitions, usually they have a drive icon in total commander, in this case we have Nand Flash and Storage Card. Pay attention to the spacing, NandFlash is very different from Nand Flash. Capital letters have no importance, only spacing. Also we can find 3 or more partitions, but for patch to work fine, we need minimum 2, an internal memory partition, usually contains the word "flash" in it, and the SD card, many times named Storage Card.

Now note or remember the main 2 partitions on your unit!

5. Now use the custom patch creator below to build the right patch. After payment, an account will be created and an email with link to download will be automatically sent.

Internal memory: SD card memory: