We started developing programs/patches for wince from passion for cars !

We were the first to develop patches/programs for the gps boards inside the new navigation units ( chinese replicas ).

Our first patch was launched almost 2 years ago, and had only 1 major tweak, that unlocked the desktop and allowed user to install and use external programs.

In 2010 we developed internet 3G function for Dynavin, in our opinion the best manufacturer of navigation units.

In summer of 2010, Dynavin was the first company in the world that had internet enabled units, by using a HSDPA modem.

Later in 2010, we were the first to launch Wifi solution for almost any chinese navigation unit. By using a cheap wifi adaptor, users have access to internet on their navigation unit!

Resellers are welcome to discuss integration of wincepatch with both wifi and 3g patch on any system!

Why our patch ?

-  is the ONLY one available that is SAFE and tested on real devices !!!!

-  is the ONLY one that fixed the biggest problems on wince 5 units : losing all data after reboot !!!

-  best customer support !!!

-  best feedback !!!

-  WiFi and 3G add-on !!!

-  Is the only one that can convert any wince 6 system with chinese language in english language  ( wince 6  only )