3G patch for all Nowada boards, wince 5 or 6 !

3G patch is an add-on to wincepatch, you need wincepatch to be able to use 3G !

This patch will allow you to use a 3G, 3G+ modem on your unit! Most HUAWEI and ZTE modems will work!

This way you`ll get internet access everywhere where is mobile network coverage!

Almost* any modem on the market is compatible ( read details below ):

*How to be sure that modem is compatible :

Easy to check, when in navigation screen ( main shell menu ) just plug in your modem in the USB gps port ( built in or USB mod )  and if system will show a window that will ask for driver, the modem is compatible. Most Huawei and ZTE modems will work.

* How to use it :

- default settings are :  taskbar always on top ( to allow data input with keyboard ), automatic internet connection and tracker log disabled at boot, iphone interface disabled. All can be enabled from system tools menu after you establish internet connection and after you backup all settings ( use backup tool from tweaks menu )

- if you want to connect to internet when you start car and begin logging your position, you must enable the options in tweak menus and then set in main shell automatic run navigation software ( with the path to desktop.exe ).

- patch will come with generic registry and drivers ( or specific if i already have it in my database ), and you will need to configure your modem to connect to internet, a very detailed manual will be provided. You need to know from your provider the dialing number, username and password if needed, and APN-access point name.

***Every customer of 3G patch will receive a free account for live gps tracking. If you enable the option in the patch menu, when you start the car the system will automatically connect to internet and to my tracking server  and will log your position. You can see live position and also tracks log on my site.

*English firmware required for automatic connection to internet or live tracking at boot.

Price : 19,99 USD